Are you:

Fed-up being unaware of what each command does?
Fed-up not finding a central resource for all commands?
Fed-up suddenly finding a new command which you been "wishing for" for ages?
In need of some GINA Audio Triggers?

...then this is the place for you!

Please Note: This is a continuous work in progress, basically all commands that I can find go on here. Commands which are no longer valid are listed, but are shown as strikethough.

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v2.12 (last updated on 10 June 2017)

Update Details: Have added in 1 new General Commands (/familiar leave), 2 new Enabling and Disabling Windows commands (/taskoverlay, /itemoverflow), and updated (/assist)

Audio Trigger's Update Details: 2017-06-10 - Updated some TBM, EOK, and Anniversity raids.

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